I offer a 15% reduced rate on Reiki sessions for:

Military ~ Active Duty, Reserves and Retired Cancer ~ Undergoing treatment & Remission

Students ~ Must be currently enroll

*Reduced rate will be applied at time of service

Course & Payment Option

Aura Clearing

The presence of negative psychic energy can be detrimental to ones health and well being. In an Aura Clearing, the practitioner will assist you in grounding out psychic debris, releasing blocks, and getting your energy flowing. This process can aid in the resolution of emotional difficulties, relationship issues, spiritual issues, addictions, and spiritual health issues. 

              Each Session $50

Services & Pricing

Reiki Session

Reiki a simple, gentle, hands on energy technique which is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Experience this ancient Japanese art in a comfortable home environment.

     Full Session               Half Session

       60 Minutes $65                     30 Minutes $35